Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366


BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes:COVERAGEFINDER.NET





Are there any programs for college kids to get cheap dental insurance?

In college, not covered by my parent's insurance and can't get it at my job. Is there any sort of programs where College age students can get a relatively cheap dental insurance, or dental work done on the cheap? If it helps, I'm in Oklahoma.



What are insurance considerations after child gets employed?

What changes does one need to consider after a child finishes college and gets employed (in a different state)? eg. I removed him from auto insurance since he has his own policy; do I need to do anything to ensure he can drive one of our cars when he visits us? My medical insurance at work covers children till 26, but they indicated for him the policy will be secondary to his insurance through his employer. How does this work given his insurance has more out-of-pocket expenses - copay/coins/deductible, etc?



Cheapest car insurance company?

i am 27 years old have a pretty good driving record with only 2 violations (speeding, and stop sign) in the past few years. i have a 2000 chevy silverado (strip model, 2 wheel drive, nothing to steal on the inside with 120k on in only worth like 3,000) i only want liability no colision insurence. does anyone know what company through experiance gives the best quotes? i onlly need bear minumum on this truck and only drive it part time.



Do i have to have collision insurance for a financed used car?

My coworker told me that I would have to have collision insurance if I want to financed a used or new car. Is this True? Can I just put it on liability even if the car us only 6000 and not payed off yet?



I'm being low balled by an insurance claims adjuster for damage to my car, now what?

I had a claim against a guys insurance company for damage he caused. They came out today and did an evaluation and now the insurance estimator is saying that the vehicle needs to be totaled and that I will be offered some low ball figure because my car has prior damage which was only cosmetic and minor nothing structural at all. I know that the vehicle will be worth more than they are going to offer. But I just want a fair price for the car. They suggested that it might take some back and forth negotiations and I need to know how to prepare for that and succeed at getting something fair? Are there any angles or cards that I can play that should give me some leverage against their claims adjuster? Your help is appreciated and thank you for your answer!



Short Term health care insurance plan in California?

I am looking to get insurance for a short period of time - 2 months. Which plan and provider be appropriate ?



I'm on my moms car insurance and I'm getting older?

I'm really trying to get myself on my own two feet and we have everything together, phone bill (sprint) , car insurance she receives my bank statements monitors my purchases, views and manages my credit ...everything I'm just trying to move and not be under my moms wing... How can I go about moving my car insurance, and /or picking car insurance.... Help?



Is it worth coveriong your sport bike in your insurance or is it best to just cover liability?

Covering your own bike literally triples the yearly rate, as in, your paying more for insurance than the actual bike. Is it really worth covering or should i just suffer my losses. Thanks to all and any veteran riders out their for opinion.



Insurance for less than 3 months?

Is it possible to get car insurance for just a few months, before i dissapear off 2 uni? Which Insurers do this?



New driver- car insurance?

i just got anew car, hydauni elantra 06, and i need insurance, wats the cheapest insurance for a 19 yr old girl,no driving record, tickets etc in the rome/utica area? thanksssss



Car insurance for college?

I'm going to start college in a little while and i have an insurance question. i'm probably going to start at a community college that isn't too far from where i live but when i transfer It's going to be a good 300 miles away. The insurance on my car is under my dad's name and we pay next to nothing for it. Does my cars insurance have to be under my name when i transfer? It was under mine in the beginning but the payments were a lot more than they are now.



Child only health insurance?

Is there any company in Utah where I can purchase health insurance for my child only?



Where can I get temporary car insurance in the US?

I currently live in PA as an exchange student. My roommate owns a car and he would let me drive it but I am not covered by his insurance. What I need is a temporary car insurance for foreigners that don't own the car they want to drive. Any help is much appreciated!



Car insurance???

anyone no of places that do cheap car insurance for new drivers (i'll be 17 in january) oh by the way im in the UK!



Insurance on Ford Focus ST - Young Driver?

I'm just looking for guideline figures on what insurance is likely to cost for a 20yr old male on a new Ford Focus ST in the UK. This is with 2 years no claims bonus and no speeding convictions. Any help greatly appreciated!



Finding out cost of a car insurance claim - do i have to include this?

Im looking for insurance for a new car. My bf had an accident in our last car and i was wondering if there is a way you can find out how much we claimed in total? As alot of insurance companies want to know this.



What are Insurance groups all about?

And... 1. Is a 1.4 engine car okay for a 17 year old? Or does it HAVE to be 1.2 2. Honda Civic or Volkswagen Polo? 3. A rough idea on the insurance cost per year for third party fire and theft?



What car insurance should I use?

I'm 17, I live in Texas, and my mom is making me get my own car insurance. which would be the best and cheapest for me?



How much would insurance be on a 1986 honda civic si hatchback?

I need to know asap how much estimated it would be to add this car to insurance. (state farm) I just bought it for 800 bucks and i need to know also how much in total it would be to get on the road.. register, title switch , tags all that good un VIRGINIA btw.. need any more info ask..



Car insurance help, cost per month?

I got in a fender bender and it was my fault, the guys bumper got a little bent on one side. it was supposed to be done without insurance but thats another story! he quoted me 800. how much will this affect my insurance monthly? im 19 and drive a honda civic



What is the best health insurance in california?

i could either choose blue cross hmo or ppo or kaiser hmo..not sure which is best?



I pay $76.25 a month for my health care, Liberals explain how you will make this cheaper...errr...affordable?

Affordable health care is here. I have a state of the art hospital and had one major surgery that went very well.



Nissan Skyline insurance in USA?

Does anyone know of any companies that insure Nissan Skylines in the US? I'm looking to buy a 1990 gtst I found but I can not find insurance anywhere for it. Can anyone help me out?



Vehicle Insurance Survey4?

11) Please mention your agreement level with the following statements 1) Strongly disagree 2) Disagree 3) Neutral 4) Agree 5) Strongly Agree Statements 1 2 3 4 5 My insurance company settle claims faster as per my expectation My company introduces different product to my requirement My insurance company does not settle claims as per my expectation 12) Please mention the level of satisfaction with the following features offered by current insurance company. Criteria Highly Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Highly Satisfied Cost Brand Referral Hassles free claims Bonus rate Ease of purchase Return fee Professional advice Linked with another product Choice of selecting your own service centre 13) How many years you have been using your vehicle (i) Less than 2 YEARS [ ] (ii) 2-5 YEARS [ ] (iii) 5-10 YEARS [ ] (iv) MORE THAN 10 YEARS [ ] Please fill Vehicle Insurance Survey5



Car Insurance can anyone help please?

I am due to renew my car insurance i have just received my renewal quote, I am fully Comp and have Uninsured Loss Recovery. My quote states that this does not include Legal Assistance. Do l need legal Assistance lf l have fully comp insurance with ULR ? I have looked on the web and ULR and Legal Assistance seem to be practically the same thing. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.


Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366


Young drivers car insurance - cousin just got permit?

My cousin just got her permit and her family is allready looking to get her insured on her vehicle. Where is the best place online to get insurance just for a young driver without paying an arm and a leg?



How to get affordable HIV Medication with not so good insurance coverage.?

Diagnosed about a month ago HIV+ with a VL 111,000 CD4 167, so yeah I've had it for a while. I'm supposed to start treatment ASAP! but I can't afford them, I've talked and negotiated with my doctor to change my prescription she did but it didn't help. The problem is I have insurance and it doesn't have good prescription coverage. I'm in a position that I may have to drop my insurance just to be able to afford my medication. My doctor and case worker is advising me not to do this, I don't have any other choice... someone HELLP my time is limited



What is the cheapest insurance for a teen?

what insurance company will be more affordable for a teen



Health insurance internationally?

im traveling to france and i need to know if my health insurance will still be valid there. if i have to go to the hospital will they accept my american insurance card? i have aetna insurance.



Individual health insurance?

These are my health issues I'm currently treated for and/or have perscribed meds. Moderately elevated blood pressure, osteo arthritis,fibromyalsia,and I take meds. for cholesterol and depression. I currently pay $380 a month for medical and perscription coverage. I am a 59 year old female. Ilive in Fla. The coverage I currently have is too high and too many draw backs. It seems like a rip off to pay this amount and have so MANY stipulations. I need a name and number only for companies that can truly meet my needs. Otherwise, I'll keep this lousy insurance I have.



What car insurance companies are in Washington? Can I get a list to look up?

I need to find the cheapest for myself. I am getting my license this Friday and I will be going to a car insurance company on my way home so that I can drive my car. Can I get a list of all the auto insurance companies in Washington?



Would insurance cost me more if I bought a used VW beetle with a convertible top versus a hardtop?




Should I buy my own insurance?

I'm a named driver under my husband's insurance for 2 years. Just brought another car, if the insurance under my name + husband it cost 450, if under my husband's name + me it cost only 200, is't better buy my owne one?



Which icar insurance is cheap and best?

where can i find find cheap and good car insurance



Whats the cheapest car insurance company in ireland for young drivers ?

whats the cheapest car insurance company in ireland for young drivers ?



How to get cheap car insurance for a student in the uk?

I live in the uk. 19 years old and want to get a car. I have tried quotes and the cheapest i have found per year is around 5000, which is a JOKE. i want to know how to make it cheaper. My dad is a taxi driver so i cannot use his insurance thanks



What is the cheapest auto insurance ?

Is safe auto cheaper than pronto insurance?



Cheapest auto insurance in CA?

Cheapest auto insurance in CA?



Do you buy the car first then get insurance or the other way around?

How could you get insurance if u don't have a car to fill out the car quotes info like millage, make, year, and so forth if u did not buy the car as yet?



Good car insurance companies for a low cost??

Good car insurance companies for a low cost??



Any idea how much insurance is on a slightly new mustang for a 16 year old?

pretty much said it all but maybe a 2000-2005 mustang.. idk how much insurance would be since its his first car.. thanks



What is a cheap car insurance for me...i am 16 years old?

need the cheapest one




What insurance company is THE cheapest? but has great coverage or provides the same services as other insurance?



Cost of car insurance for 46 year old?

Cost of car insurance for 46 year old?



Does not having license on you affect insurance?

My brother was returning home one evening last week and thought that the speed limit increased before it did, so he was pulled over for speeding. He was let off for that, but given a ticket because he didn't have his license on his person. He has one, but he left his wallet at home. Now he is worried this will affect his insurance. Does anyone know? Does he have a rap sheet or anything now? This is his first ticket. I have no experience with this now.



Need help with Car Insurance?

I am a 17 year old male in california, who just bought a 92 Buick Skylark and I need to no what would be my best bet when it comes to getting insurance, I would like cheap insurance, as cheap as I can get. I have shopped around and its not helping. PLEASE DONT SAY LOOK IT UP YOURSELF CAUSE I HAVE AND I AM ASKING FOR SOME HELP!!!



Insurance to volunteer at a clinic?

I was just offered an unpaid internship -type program through a veterinary clinic next to my university. I won't be getting paid and it will not help me with any credits, but it will provide me invaluable experience to get into vet school. However, they're requiring I get volunteer insurance (because it involves work with live animals) since I am an unpaid employee and will not be covered under them. How do I go about getting this? Thanks!



Good auto insurance providers?

I am 21 and just getting first car and looking for some good insurance companies with affordable rates?



Stopped for no car insurance but we do have insurance car seized not fair?

11.30pm last night pulled over said no insurance.Did not have insurance document in the car,just the license.Because of the time they seized the car because they could not phone the insurance company.Told them only way i can get proof is bank statement as i was 20 miles from home,but that was still not good enough.I have paid insurance by direct debit for the last 2 years and no i am well cheesed off this has happened. Have produced the lenience at local station,and shown them documents,they phoned the insurance company and have now give released papers to pick up the car.I am very unhappy with this whole situation and now out of pocket. Is there anyway of claiming the costs from police or insurance company,whoever it is to blame,as there is no way i can be liable for something i am paying for,and to pay 30in taxi fares another 20 to get to the car compound and another 170 to release the car.There must be a way i claim this money back as i feel i am in the have to fight the 200 fine and 6points also totally unfair and messed up situation this is. I just can't except the inconvenience and the costs that i have to pay when i am legit on the road.surely i can claim if anyone knows



Free Insurance Quotes Online?

Hi, I just bought a car and I need to get insurance asap so I can drive. A friend told me you can get free insurance quotes from websites online. Is it true?


Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366


What is the cheapest car insurance company?

Ok, so I just want to know, as far as getting insurance for your Car you guys know like what Car Insurance COMPANY has the cheapest insurance you can buy for your car? Thanks, it would help out alot.



Temporary car insurance for under 21s?

I want to take out temporary car insurance in the UK, who will do this for someone who is under 21? Thanks



Cost of health insurance?

How much does health insurance cost per year if I pay for myself instead of my employer paying for it? I would pay through my employer's group insurance and mine is a family of three (including a child of 4 yrs). I am a contractor and I will be moving through the country quite a bit in which case would the insurance rates be from the state from where the employer is from or should it be as per the state where i am residing? How does insurance cost vary from state to state?



Renters Insurance Liability?

If my neighbor has a fire that does some damage to my apt./belongings, will the neighbor's renters insurance cover my damages or will my own renters insurance cover my damages?



How much do insurance csr's make in california?

I'm working as a receptionist at an insurance company and am thinking about staying in insurance long-term. How much do customer service reps generally make in CA? I've tried googling and the numbers I'm coming up with are very close to what I'm making as a receptionist, which cannot be correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



How much (estimate) would car insurance on a Dodge Challenger se r/t & srt8 be for a 18 year old boy?

I want to know the estimate on a dodge challenger srt8 se r/t and see what the differences are in price. Guessing the srt8 is gonna be alot!!! please just estimate. THANK YOU!



How much is motorcycle insurance in Utah?

I am just wondering because I am 17, and I need to get to and back from work. Just give me a rough estimate please. That's all I need to know... Don't tell me to check with my family's insurance because it is too much work when I can just come on here and get an estimate to see if it is in my price range. Thanks ahead of time! I am planning on driving an old street legal dirt bike granted it isn't too pricey.



When getting a car insurance quote, do I disclose a speeding ticket, if I already took traffic school for it?

I had a speeding ticket, but the judge lowered my citation to 99mph so I could take traffic school. I am getting an insurance quote from and they want me to provide information on tickets I've received in the last 3 years. Do I tell them about my speeding ticket, since traffic school is supposed to prevent a point from being added to my driving record? I've already finished my traffic school and I live in California.



What is a good reputable Insurance Company for Health Insurance?

I need health Insurance and I want to get quotes.



Can my mum use her no claims to insure my car?

I plan on buying an 05 reg fiat punto active sport for my first car. Obviously being 17 if it is my own insurance it will cost ALOT, whereas if i am just a named driver i can get it for around 1800. I realise this is illegal and many people frown upon doing it but in all honesty she will drive the car just as much as me. She has been told that if her no claims bonus is already being used on 2 other cars, it cannot be used to gain a discount on a 3rd, i will be using direct line, is this true or can we use her ncd?



How much a month for loan and insurance for a 350z?

Ok so I'm gonna be 20 in a couple months and I'm tired of driving my crappy integra. I've been saving up and I'm set on getting a 350z. My price range is about 12,000 tops. If I put a down payment of about 5 or 6 grand how much would I pay per month for the loan. And how much would I pay a month for the loan along with the insurance. I'm on my parents plan. I don't know much about interest rates. Can you give me estimates on different lengths of loans and interest rates Thanks ily



What do i do with no insurance? when i go to the doctor and no insurance?

i work at mcdonalds part time, and have no insurance or health benefits, how do i get insurance to pay for doctors visits? How can i afford health insurance or where do i apply 4 health insurance?



Car insurance and registration?

SO, I recently bought a car in New Jersey form a car dealer but didn't get the license plate for it because eI have a FL license and I need insurance. I rencety asked a friend for a recommended car insurance provider and he informed me that the car needs to be registered in FL to get FL insurance. Now, my questions is does it really need to be registered in FL to get FL insurance? because my license is a FL license, not a NJ one.



Car and insurance problem.?

If I was in the process of getting a driving lesson from my instructor, I crashed his car. Am I suppose to be in charge of this, but I don't have a license yet. So, am I going to be the one who pays for the insurance or the instructor?



Which is better having, single-payer or mandate health insurance & why?

Which is better having, single-payer or mandate health insurance & why?



Rear ended someone with the same insurance (AAA California). Deductible is waived. Who pays for damages?

If insurance pays for damages to their car, will my premium increase? The estimate of damages is larger than my deductible but since it is only cosmetic damages is it worth the risk more



Insurance or not insurance?

hi i had 4 years insurance no claims bonus last april 2011 on my car , i changed it onto a van and drove ir for a year, ... in october i was in court for handling stolen goods ... which i did not disclose to the insurance company at the time because i thought the offence was dropped as it had happened in 2009, anyway in november i had to renew farm insurance with a different company in november and they declined the renewal because of the criminal conviction,.. so i asked the company that my van was insured with for a farm quote and again was declined, i asked about the van insurance being valid and was told to inform them at the renew in april,... in april they declined to renew the van insurance because of non disclosure of criminal conviction,... and told me last years insurance was void and i would be refunded premium and not be intilted to my 5 year no claims bonus,.. two days later they decided not to refund and have gave me my 5 years no claims bonus,.. ??? as the insurance was valid and that they covered me while they knew i had a conviction and non disclosure , do they have the right to refuse me renewal and , why can i not get a quote of them for renewal, the quote i got of some one else is 3 times last years price , need advice thanks



How much Car insurance cost?

How much Car insurance cost?



Question about car insurance?

If I drive a car that is on my mom's insurance plan, but I am not on insurance, does that count as driving without insurance. If something were to happen, would I be covered? Wouldn't it be the same as allowing someone to borrow your car?



SR-22 for DUI in California? Secondary liability insurance?

Has anyone ever heard of Secondary Insurance? How does it work? Is it legal? My attorney recommended a guy for this policy, and it sounds too good to be true. They create a Shell liability policy for my person, unattached to my car, and my auto rates won't increase? Is this a total scam? I need to get a SR-22 to get my lisence back. Any help is appreciated and of course bested



I live in So Ca am 55 years old and I don't have medical insurance, I have ongoing medical problems. Any help

Any subjections for low income doctors.



Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don't own a car. I don't have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?



Insurance cost for Dump Truck?

Without knowing a lot of information right now except it would be in the 1990's year range what would the APPROX. cost of monthly insurance be for a dump truck? We are in Ontario, Canada.



Rough Maryland motorcycle insurance rates?

Hello, I have two questions. First some info though, I live in Southern Md and am a 24 year old male who currently has a completely clean driving record. Right now I have full coverage with Allstate and am paying around 200/month. My question is how much should I expect my rates to jump if I get lets say a lower powered motorcycle ~$7500. Does the age of the motorcycle have much bearing on the rates? And now my more obscure question...What about an electric motorcycle at $15000? The only reason I thought it might be lower is in general they are simpler to operate, not as powerful, and have few breakable parts. Thank you



USAA Full coverage auto insurance covering theft?

Last night my husband and I were hanging out with some friends and someone broke into all of our vehicles and stole stuff. However, my husband and I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer and it was locked, yet someone managed to get in without causing any damage whatsoever and stealing our xbox 360. Weird thing is, my purse was in the car with everything in it, and so were the guitars for guitar hero and our entire CD case, and the only thing that was stolen was the xbox...Weird I know. We go through USAA and have full coverage. My question for anybody who knows or has a good guess is, do you think that our insurance would cover that? We don't have a receipt or anything since it was bought so long ago. Thanks for all your answers in advance and remember best answer gets 10 points =] Happy answering! Amberly


Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366


I just got some insurance quotes ?

I just went on the internet and got some insurance quotes for some cars i am 18 years old and they are trying to charge me 10 grand to insure a 03 plate corsa is this right or am i doing something wrong here



What are the pros and cons of national health insurance?

It's going to be a hot topic in the next Presidential election. What do you think?



Car insurance ? Can my girlfriend be a policy holder on one car and named driver on another?

Can my girlfriend be a policy holder and main driver on her car and a named driver on mine? Will this affect her insurance in anyway?



Which is best health insurance?

I was wondering whats the best insurance for me im 18 live with my parents dropped out dont go to college plan to get my ged soon. But i have to get some blood work done for my doc out of state and the place i called said its 832$ i can pay for it but im thinking i should jus get insurance since im going to go on TRT soon prehaps.. so what Health insurance can cover my blood work and hopefully everything in future also im not a citizen but i am a green card holder does it make a difference? thanks i didnt reread this so sorry for any errors



Wat is da average cost of car insurance for a brand new car driven primarily by a teen?




What is the best car to buy cheap to run and insurance etc.?

What is the best car to buy cheap to run and insurance etc.?



What modifications can increase car insurance?

Hi, Can just cosmetically changing the car increase car insurance for instance- alloy wheels and a minor body kit? I understand that performance modifications can for example- exhaust, sports air filters etc. Can anyone help me here? Query.



Affordable Health Insurance for Student in MA?

Hi, if you go to school in MA, you would know that the insurance company offered by school are overpriced. I'm looking for affordable, low-cost, health insurance for college student in Massachusetts. Thank you.



I am pregnant and need maternity insurance. Where do i get it?

I just found out I'm six weeks pregnant, and need maternity insurance. I have not been able to afford regular insurance in the past, but now I am. I've been looking everywhere online, but no answers. I know most insurances consider this a pre-existing medical condition. I'm in northern california. Please help!



How does car insurance work?

I just wrecked and I backed up into someone. How does insurance work. Do they basically pay for it or what. Or after you wreck do you have to pay more for insurance??



Where can i get the cheapest car insurance if im 18?

93 prelude



Can California Civil Code 827 be used to enforce mandatory renters insurance?

Recently my landlord sent tenants a letter stating we have to buy renter's insurance, stating that California Civil Code 827 allows them to do this. Looking it up, I see 827 is about rent increased, not renter's insurance (and nothing about anything being mandatory). When I signed the lease with them, I was not required to pay for renter's insurance, but they claim that terms have changed and now I am obligated to pay this, and if I don't, may destroy my credit. All because of Civil Code 827. Can they actually do this? Or is this letter some kind of tactic to coerce me into signing this document and providing insurance? Thanks!



Do classic/muscle cars cost more to insure?

Im 16 years old with my driving permit going to be g2 in a few months (can drive alone with g2) Im looking to get a classic or muscle car so cars such as late 60's camaro or mustangs to something later such as late 80's monte carlos the car will likely be a project (im up for a small to medium restoration) so id try to get antique insurance? my cousin has antique insurance on his '81 camaro thats almost mint and its been appraised and everything and he can drive it on weekends and theres a set km's that he can drive according to his insurance im fully able to do a restoration as ive worked in an auto shop and I know a bunch of parts suppliers & garages (including one of my cousins) basically ive got the place, the tools, the know-how (im an auto student) and a parts suppliers anyways what I want to do is have it on my dads insurance, his record has been clean since started driving which around 30 years do insurance companies charge more for say cars that have options such as SS or other things that make is look sporty or make the car faster (bigger & better engine) say car with a 267 chevy v8 would be less insurance than one with a 350 v8? is it cheaper to say my dads the primary driver while I drive it? do older cars generally have cheaper insurance? is there such a thing as project car insurance? (do I even have to have insurance on a project if im not driving it say for a month?) im just so confused with all the insurance talk like premiums and deductibles etc etc.



Car insurance help in NC?

If your insurance is canceled will I have to pay to get the tag legal again,if so how much.Thanks in advance :)



California's low income auto insurance program?

Does anyone know what its called? Or the name of an insurance agency in the Los Angeles/ long beach area, where i can purchase this insurance from please? For some reason i haven't been able to get on the web sight. Thank u



What's the best car for cheap car insurance?

I'm a male, and I'll be 25 next month. I haven't actually owned a car before, since I've been usually on my parents' insurance, and I just used theirs if I needed a car. I want to own my own car now though, and I want to know what the cheapest cars would be for car insurance. I live in Norfolk, VA, United States, if that helps. I don't have a blemish at all on my driving record, either.



What is the cheapest Insurance?

There are too many and I get very confused. I'm getting a 1999 Nissan Sentra. I am a new driver, I have yet to get my license since I need a car to practice on. I am 19 years old.



Car insurance for a new driver?

i want to buy a small car, but im worried that the insurance will be expensive what company sell cheap insurance? how much about did you pay? i want a small car, like a 1 litre engine thank you



Is insurance for a salvage car cheaper?

I am looking to get a 03 Mitsubishi Evo with a salvage title. I am just wondering what it would do to my insurance? Will it be cheaper than if the car had a clean title?



Good military discounts for car insurance?

My husband is a Marine, we recently bought a new car and we're looking for good car insurance, preferably with a military discount! Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!



Approximately how much would motorcycle insurance for a 16 year old boy with 4.0 GPA, Eagle Scout?

Riding a 2005 Suzuki sv650 with a $1000 deductible with progressive



Could anyone tell me a cheap reliable 125cc motobike with cheap insurance ?

Could anyone tell me a cheap reliable 125cc motobike with cheap insurance ?



Why do teen girls get cheaper car insurance than men?

I see teen girls driving like. Morons all the time. I've also witnessed many women drivers texting their phone, not once have I seen a male driver texting their phone. It's not ******* fair that I almost get totaled because this teen girl at are school accelerates when I go into her lane forcing me to swerve back into mine to avoid being hit? Just yesterday I was driving my MG down the road and this teenage girl in her big Ford pick up texting while taking up both lanes by driving in the middle to drive down a road making me have to take my car off the road to avoid a collision. So how is it fair that I me, a seasoned male driver of the age of 18 have to pay far more in insurance than teenage drivers who have no since of awareness?



Im 21 and in need of health insurance...?

My company offers it but its like $200/month and i cant afford that! Im a female, non smoker, and in good health. I just need basic health insurance that has dental and eye. What are some good options out there?



Can you get car insurance and motorcycle insurance on the same policy?

I have insurance on my car but i havent had insurance on my bike for about a year. i was going to get with my car because i needed to renew my tags but they told me they dont cover motorcycle. i was wondering if there is a company that covers both?


Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366

Pelham Tennessee Cheap car insurance quotes zip 37366